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Beaches App Introduces Pictures, Reviews, and Ratings

MIAMI, FL. Sep. 3, 2023 - Beaches App, has introduced today three new features to help beachgoers find the best beach in seconds - Pictures, Reviews, and Ratings.

Screenshots of Beaches App, showcasing the amenities, rules, ratings, pictures, and reviews features

Beaches App now offers the following for over 10,000 coastal beaches in the US:

  • Pictures, reviews, & ratings

  • Amenities & rules

  • Real-time weather & 5-day forecast

  • Filter based on activities & facilities

  • AI-driven tips for the ideal activities

  • Real-time community reports

  • Nearby beach businesses

Beaches App CEO, Almog Goldstein, said, “Couldn't be more excited to introduce three of our most requested features - Pictures, Reviews, and Ratings for thousands of beaches in the US. We're looking forward to helping more beachgoers find the best beaches in seconds."

The latest Beaches App feature is now available for iPhone users from the Apple App Store as a free update.

About Us:

Beaches App, Inc. developed the first all-in-one beach mobile app, helping people discover and navigate the best beaches across the United States. With detailed information on beach amenities, rules, accessibility, and weather forecasts, Beaches App is the ultimate resource for beach lovers looking to enhance their coastal experiences. The app also supports local businesses by offering a platform for them to feature their services, fostering a seamless all-in-one beach experience for users.

For inquiries, please contact:

Almog Goldstein

Co-Founder, CEO



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