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Beaches App Introduces Water Quality Information for California Beaches

SAN DIEGO, CA. June 26, 2024 - Beaches App now features water quality information for California beaches, sourced directly from the California government.

Starting today on iOS devices, users will notice the “Water Quality” parameter on their “Now” tab. The two values, Good or Poor, are based on the raw water quality information from the California government and the California Code of Regulations, Title 17, § 7958:

  • Single sample 

    • 1,000 total coliform bacteria per 100 mL, if the ratio of fecal/total coliform bacteria exceeds 0.1; or 

    • 10,000 total coliform bacteria per 100 mL; or 

    • 400 fecal coliform bacteria per 100 mL; or 

    • 104 enterococcus bacteria per 100 mL

  • Mean of the logarithms (i.e., geometric mean) of the results of at least five weekly samples during any 30-day sampling period 

    • 1,000 total coliform bacteria per 100 mL; or 

    • 200 fecal coliform bacteria per 100 mL; or 

    • 35 enterococcus bacteria per 100 mL 

We’re using the criteria above to translate the bacteria samples into actionable information that helps beachgoers in California quickly understand the water quality condition and remain healthy and safe.

“The beach should be the most relaxing place, but getting information about it can be really stressful and inconvenient,” said Almog Goldstein, Beaches App, Inc. CEO. “With the addition of water quality information, Beaches App continues to create the most relaxing experience for the most relaxing place.”

The latest Beaches App feature is now available for iPhone users from the Apple App Store as a free update.

About Us

Beaches App, Inc. developed the first all-in-one beach mobile app, helping people discover and navigate the best beaches across the United States. With detailed information on beach amenities, rules, accessibility, and weather forecasts, Beaches App is the ultimate resource for beach lovers looking to enjoy the most relaxing beach experience. The app also supports local businesses by offering a platform for them to feature their services, fostering a seamless all-in-one beach experience for users.

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Almog Goldstein

Co-Founder, CEO



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