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Beaches App Becomes the First Ever AI-Powered Beach Discovery App

MIAMI, FL. Aug. 3, 2023 - Beaches App just became the first ever AI-powered beach discovery app, thanks to its groundbreaking new feature, the AI Beach Finder. This latest addition gathers real-time data, including updated beach policies, amenities, weather, and coastal conditions, to offer a personalized list of beach activities for users, along with optimal timing recommendations for each activity.

Whether users are looking for a good time to have a barbecue, meditate, surf, or sunbathe, the AI Beach Finder collects logistics from an extensive database to suggest ideal times and locations for users to engage in these activities.

Long gone are the days of guesswork when people were rained on and encountered unexpected weather. With this feature, the app becomes even more functional, acting as a personal guide, guaranteeing a relaxed and fun-filled day by the shore.

Screenshots of Beaches App, showcasing the new AI feature

Beaches App, Inc. CEO, Almog Goldstein shared his enthusiasm for the newest AI update, stating, “We are thrilled to unveil the latest version of Beaches App, a leap forward in beach exploration and enjoyment. By integrating sophisticated AI technology, we’re now able to offer personalized suggestions for over 10,000 beaches across the US. Whether you’re a surfer, a family on vacation, or just someone looking for a relaxing spot by the sea, our app will guide you to the ideal beach activities tailored to your preferences. This is more than an app; it’s your personal beach concierge.”

Beaches App, Inc.'s Chief Technology Officer, Omar Johari, states, “We’re excited to launch this new version of Beaches App, offering an intelligent guide to make every beach outing special. We know it’s not perfect, and that’s where our users come in. Every piece of feedback helps us refine the app, making it even better for beach lovers. We’re committed to continuous improvement, and we can’t wait for you to try it out.”

The Beaches App AI Beach Finder is here to make your beach travel planning a breeze! The latest Beaches App feature is now available for iPhone users from the Apple App Store as a free update.

About Us:

Beaches App, Inc. developed the first all-in-one beach mobile app, helping people discover and navigate the best beaches across the United States. With detailed information on beach amenities, rules, accessibility, and weather forecasts, Beaches App is the ultimate resource for beach lovers looking to enhance their coastal experiences. The app also supports local businesses by offering a platform for them to feature their services, fostering a seamless all-in-one beach experience for users.

For inquiries, please contact:

Almog Goldstein

Co-Founder, CEO



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