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Introducing Filters - Find the Perfect Beach for the Perfect Mood

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Going on a road trip? Looking for the perfect weekend with family or friends? Beaches App is now your travel companion for beaches almost anywhere in the US.

We've released a major version today - allowing you to filter beaches according to your mood in HI, WA, CA, TX, SC, & NC.

With a single tap, you can find all the dog-friendly beaches around. Looking for the perfect beach for your toddler? Filter beaches with a stroller path and lifeguard tower. So many combinations are available now and will be added over time so you can find the best experience.

The first version released today supports the following filters:

  • Disabled Access

  • Dog-Friendly Beaches

  • Beaches with Lifeguard Towers

  • Beaches with Parking Nearby

  • Beaches with a Bike Path

  • Beaches with a Stroller path

  • Beaches with Showers

  • Beaches with Restrooms

  • Volleyball Friendly Beaches

  • Beaches with Picnic Area

  • Camping Friendly Beaches

  • Sandy Beaches

Click this link to get our latest version or by searching "Beaches App" on Apple's App Store or Google's Play Store.

We're looking forward to hearing your feedback -

The Beaches.App Team



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